From our customers!

I purchased your eye drops Can-C™ off the internet and have been using them for 2 weeks and my cataracts have started clearing. I don’t know how far it will clear up I will keep you posted but I have noticed the white film is beginning to thin and I am seeing more clearly. Thank you.*

Pete S. Eastham MA

Since starting on Can-C in July, my eyes have shown a significiant improvement after only 2 months. I can now read the menu when my husband and i go out to dinner. I don't have to use my magnifying glass at all anymore, and they truly seem to be getting beter daily. I am 68 years old and was very worried about facing surgery and want to thank you all so very much.*

Patricia L. Billings

I used Can-C for 4-months with amazing results. My vision in my left eye improved from 20/40 to 20/25 and upon renewal of my driving license, the eye glass restriction was eliminated! With less glare and near perfect vision I now drive in the evenings and early morning without glasses, much as I did in my youth 30-years ago! Since birth, my right eye could only identify the big “E” on the eye chart. After 4-months of Can-C treatment, I can now read the 3rd line on the eye chart. Truly amazing, to be nearly blind in my right eye for 60-years and now to have actually regained some sight!*

Dr. Richard Lippman Hawaii

I'd like to thank you for researching and developing Can-C™. In 2004, during an eye exam, they informed me I had the start of cataracts and would likely need surgery in about 5 yrs. I was 56 and horrified, especially as I am the designated driver for my social unit: me, mom and our diabetic friend who's legally-blind from retinopathy. Anyway, I started the drops 2-drops each eye twice a day. Within 3 weeks, there was a significant and dramatic improvement which continued for awhile longer. Now I use 1-drop in each eye daily; 2-drops if I indulge in lots of carbohydrates. Plus the Can-C drops are especially soothing when my eyes are tired and gritty feeling.*

Lyn Polkadot USA

I want to tell you about my experiences with the Can-C™ eye-drops. Now after about 3-months I believe that there are significant changes to my vision. I didn't appreciate any changes early on, but now it's obvious to me that my eyesight has improved. Thank you so very much!*

J.D. Tokyo

Hello I have been using your Can-C eye drops for 6 months to address a very newly diagnosed cataract. I haven't returned to the eye doctor yet but the interesting improvement is that my irritating floaters apear to have completely vanished. I almost had forgotten about them entirely because they were no longer in my vision and then one day I realized that they were not there! This is truly amazing and I am now very anxious to learn what my doctor has to say about my cataract. I truly want to thank you!*

Carol B. Huntersville N.C.

Good news to report! It is too good for words. I have been using the eye drops for a month for cataracts in both of my eyes. First thing I noticed was that lights seem brighter and have noticed that print is easier to read. I am near-sighted also, so being able to see numbers more clearly on a hymn board across the room is very exciting! I am hoping for more clarity as I continue to use the drops. This is too good to be true but it really is!*

BB London

Five years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent chemotherapy. The chemo treatment was successful, but then I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and a serious dry eye condition resulted. After trying many prescription eye lubricants and finding no relief, I found Dr. Babizhayevs' N-acetylcarnosine eye drop product and began using it. I can tell you that the results have been amazing because my dry eye condition is virtually non- existent as a result of using this effective product. I was also diagnosed with cataracts as a result of my health conditions, and they have improved as well. I am only using the product at half dose which is one drop in the morning and one drop at bed time and have still received improvement. Thank you Dr. Babizhayev for making this wonderful product available.*

Norma G. Nashwauk, MN

I want to "thank you for the "great" and "unbelieveable" and,,,,,,,"marvelvelous" eye drops that you have developed. I already use vitamin supplemets for my eyes but without your N-acetylcarnosine "eye drops", I would be totally "blind" today. I want you to know that I will continue to use these eye drops indefinitely for maintaining the improved health of my eyes. I have told many people about your eye drops and have given them your address. I am also really pleased to see a "New Supplier" of the eye drops.. Thank You very much.*

Lawrence H. Tucson, AZ

I am on my last bottle and am seeing good results even though I have only been using the drops for about one and a half months. I am really excited about the results so far. My right eye is still a bit blurry from time to time but the left is doing really well. I think the cataract had started in my right eye some time before in the left so that may mean my right eye will take a bit longer. Colors are so much brighter and everything seems so much sharper. I was surprised the other day shopping for groceries. I could read the signs at the end of the aisles. They have been blurry for some time.....I thought it was just because I needed new glasses as I am nearsighted. Also, the print is clearer when I am reading than it has been for a long time. I have a friend who just informed me her eye doctor told her that her cataracts were now 'ripe'. I told her about my results with the eye drops and sent her some information and where to call. She wants to try the drops before she considers surgery on her eyes.*

Julie B Seattle, WA

Dear Wise Choice Medicine, Eleven years ago I had corrective surgery in my right eye that did not go well and resulted in multiple vision in that eye. I then had to have cataract surgery in my left eye last September (2006) after developing cataracts. I was deathly afraid to go in for cataract surgery because of the previous experience and it was very traumatic for me. Additionally I suffer from clinical depression because of my on going eye problems. I finally began searching the internet until I found your product and decided to start using Can-C to improve my over all eye condition and to hopefully reverse the remaining cataract in my right eye. I also have a fairly serious dry eye condition and was so suprised when a short time after beginning Can-C I noticed a big improvement as my eyes were not nearly as dry and gritty as usual. I did not really expect to see any improvement in the eye with multiple vision and will be honest in telling you that, for almost 9 months, I saw very little improvement in that eye. However, something has recently changed.. I am very happy to tell you that I can now see objects that I have not been able to see for 11 years in that eye!! My vision is clearing continually and bright lights are not as annoying to me as they have been for many years. As for my cataract, it is still there, but it has become so small my Doctor said it was not even worth mentioning. He also confirmed that I am seeing better from my right eye. He said "this was amazing and fascinating". He stated he had not seen anything like this in his career. I cannot put into words how Can-C has changed the way I see and feel. I am so very thankful to God and to Dr. Babizhayev for developing Can-C. I will continue to use Can-C until the day I die and only hope that more people will become aware of it and will certainly do everything I can to see that happens. I can safely say that Can-C has helped save my life and I cannot begin to thank you enough!!*

Kris M. Harrisville, PA

Dear Leslie, I am writing to let you know that I have been using Can-C to address cataract in my right eye for a little more than 6 months and want to check with you as I am now ready to start with the maintenance dose of 1 drop a day. Earlier this year I had been noticing a growing cloudiness in my vision and when I went to my eye doctor about 7 months ago March of 2007 I was diagnosed with cataract in my right eye. I immediately went on line and began researching and found Wise Choice Medicine and began using your Can-C eye drops daily as recomended. I didn't see much improvement at first but now I am amazed as my vision has progressively become clearer and clearer and today it is crystal clear in that eye. In addition to being overjoyed with the amazing improvement in my eye sight it is fantastic to have invested in something that actually does what it says it will. I am sure that I will be a life time customer as you guys have an amazing product and I for one certainly want to thank you for it.*

Sol H. New Jersey

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