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I ordered some Can-C™ for my mom's 16yr old Poodle 6 months ago and her dog can fully see again at age 18. Thank you!*

Brad SC

Dear Wise Choice Medicine, Skeeter my miniature pinscher is over fifteen years of age and still going strong despite being deaf and his near complete blindness due to retinal degeneration and cataracts. As a vet I knew that if the retina is degenerating then cataract removal would provide only temporary improvement at best and may actually accelerate the retinal degeneration, due to additional sunlight reaching the retina or inner eye, without the lens. When Skeeter started developing cataracts, I had him evaluated by two pet ophthalmologists. Both related that indeed Skeeter had retinal degeneration and cataract surgery would not result in any improvement beyond a few months at best. They determined he had no vision in his left eye and maybe 10% vision in his right eye. His vision at night was extremely poor. They then recommended your N-acetylcarnosine (Can-C™) eye drop product for his right eye. Although skeptical, that the eye drops would diminish the progression of the cataract, let alone improve the eye I went to my local pharmacy to purchase the drops. After driving to six pharmacists who had no idea how to obtain the drops I went on the internet to learn more and to hopefully purchase the drops. The eye drops had to be ordered from Great Britain and payment via credit card with a two week shipping time. They were expensive; at $50 for two small vials that would last just over a month.Despite my skepticism I thought how could I let Skeeter, my constant companion for over 15 years simply go blind, without trying. I ordered the drops and started medicating him with one drop twice a day. At first I did not see any improvement and almost ceased using the drops, but thought I would give it another few months. Then I began to notice that the left cataract was becoming much more pronounced with that white denseness taking over most of his eye, while the right eye was not progressing. I noticed he was seeing better also, especially a little at night.

As a veterinarian I want to let you know that I am now recommending N-acetylcarnosine (Can-C™) for the treatment of canine cataracts. After applying Can-C™ eye drops to the my 15 year old miniacher pinscher, “Skeeter”, for one year, the cataract in his right eye has diminished! I have come to the conclusion that your cataract eye drops are a modern scientific miracle for our pets. From my observations it has prevented Skeeter from going blind and improved his overall aging experience! If your pet has cataracts ask your veterinarian or a pet ophthalmologist about this amazing product.*

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Jack Stephans DVM Pets Best Founder/President

I purchased the n-acetylcarnosine eye drops for my 10 yr old standard poodle Missy and have been applying the drops for a little over 3 months. Amazingly her eyes are now clear it has been a truly incredible experience to watch. She is more like her old self with renewed confidence and enthusiasm for life. Also our Vet was extremely impressed with Missy's improvements. We cannot begin to thank you enough for this incredible product.*

DC Jackson MO

Hello I ordered your Can-C product for my ailing Yorkshire Terrier Rocky. While Rockys’ eyes began to improve, sadly he passed away from heart problems before I could see the end result. We applied Can-C™ for 2 months at 3 drops per day, and at the time of his death his eyes were much clearer and he was more interested in what was going on around him. I know there was much improvement. Thank you for making Rockys’ last days brighter.*

Most sincerely


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