In addition to the benefits of Can-C™ eye drops when beginning your ocular protocol, it is beneficial to reduce the stress load to your eyes as much as possible.  We know that when the eyes are dry or irritated there is  inflammation along with unhealthy increases in bacteria load.  Additionally, when the pH balance of the eye is more acidic due to dryness/inflammation the natural healing and repair mechanisms of the eye are compromised.  A concentrated effort to bring the eyes back into proper homeostasis (balance) can greatly improve the eye’s natural ability to self-correct and will certainly optimize your efforts with the use of Can-C™ eye drops and Nac-C plus capsules. 

Bacteria: Our eyes are teaming with bacteria similar to our nasal passages which increases as we age. Using a saline eyewash regularly to keep bacteria load in check is one of the most beneficial steps toward restoring homeostasis to the eyes and it feels lovely. You can purchase an eyewash kit at any pharmacy. Many people report noticing vision improvements just from this step alone because when you have happy, stress-free eyes they perform much better for you.

Dryness: Using a preservative-free or low preservative over the counter lubricant eye drop liberally throughout the day in between your Can-C™ eye drops will further reduce the stress load to the eyes allowing for improved pH and healing response. Advisably the idea is to be very pro-active in this step. Instead of waiting until the eyes are dry and/or irritated the effort needs to be more toward preventing the eyes from becoming dry or irritated. Additionally, the uptake of  Can-C will be improved if the eyes are not stressed at the time of application by applying your basic eye lubricant five to ten minutes prior to your application of Can-C eye drops. Applying your basic lubricant again at lunchtime and even again at dinner or bedtime would not be too often, especially in the beginning of this effort.

Time: After several weeks of this protocol you should notice quite an improvement in the way your eyes feel in general.  You may of course reduce the number of times you apply your basic lubricant during the day but if you start noticing any decline or feelings of irritation returning you will want to go back to multiple lubricant applications daily.

Nac-C Plus™:  It is advantageous to take our Nac-C Plus™ capsules in combination with Can-C™ eye drops. The synergistic combination of Can-C™ eye drops with Nac-C Plus™ capsules have been shown to support the eyes as well as improve overall outcomes.