To date Can-C eye drops are the only cataract treatment that has been proven in controlled clinical trials to be effective in the treatment of cataracts and safe for long term use.

In human clinical trials, conducted at the “Helmoltz Institute for Ocular Disease” Moscow, Russia – Can-C™ Eye Drops applied (twice daily) for 6 months into the eyes of patients suffering from cataract, generated the following results:

  • 90% had an improvement in visual acuity.
  • 88.9% had an improvement of glare sensitivity.
  • 41.5% had an improvement of the transmissivity of the lens.

These results set an unprecedented benchmark for the treatment and reversal of cataracts and other eye disorders. Initial Results in only 3 months time. Optimal Results within 6 – 12 months!

Be sure to look for the hologram displayed on the front of any box you purchase to verify that you are purchasing the patent protected formula:

“We see the demand for this breakthrough product snowballing as consumers around the globe become aware of a viable non-surgical option to cataract surgery.” – Innovative Vision Products

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