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Non-Surgical Cataract Reversal

Non-Surgical Cataract Reversal

Can-C™ soothing anti-oxidant eye drop has generated thousands of reports of safe & effective Cataract Reversal. "Approved by Innovative Vision Products" Clinical Proof Testimonials How it WorksClick here to learn more. Order Here

Accelerated Healing Response

Accelerated Healing Response

Can-C Plus™ increases the effectiveness of Can-C™ eye drops, improving free radical protection and reducing the oxidative environment in the eye accelerating healing. Click here to learn more. Clinical Proof Glaucoma Support Order Here

Canine Cataract Reversal

Canine Cataract Reversal

Can-C™ eye drops reverse dog cataracts too. 96% of canine eyes treated showed notable improvements within weeks of treatment. Dogs with both immature and ripe cataracts showed significant visual improvement. Click here to learn more. Order Here

Retinal Support

Retinal Support

ARMED™ is based on the published study, "Effects of melatonin in age-related macular degeneration" by world leading endocrine specialist, Dr. Walter Pierpaoli, MD, PhD.Click here to learn more. Clinical Proof About Dr. Pierpaoli Order Here


Dr. Mark Babizhayev is the Senior research investigator  for the clinical trials conducted at the prestigious Helmoltz Institute for Ocular Disease in Moscow and is the founder of US based Innovative Vision Products Inc. the patent holders for Can-C eye drops.


In clinical trials, Can-C™ Eye Drops applied for 6-months (twice daily into the eye), in patients suffering from senile cataract, had the following results:

▶ 90% had an improvement in visual acuity.

▶ 88.9% had an improvement of glare sensitivity.

▶ 41.5% had an improvement of the transmissivity of the lens.

These results set an unprecedented benchmark for the treatment and reversal of cataracts and other eye disorders. Initial Results in only 3 months time. Optimal Results within 6 - 12 months!

To date Dr. Babizhayevs' N-Acetylcarnosine eye drop is the only cataract treatment that has been proven in controlled clinical trials to be effective in the treatment of cataracts and safe for long term use.

Be sure to look for the following statement on any box you purchase to verify that you are purchasing Dr. Babizhayevs' patent protected formula: "Approved by Innovative Vision Products."

"We see the demand for this breakthrough product snowballing as consumers around the globe become aware of a viable non-surgical option to cataract surgery." - Innovative Vision Products

Click here for results of Clinical Trials

"I purchased your eye drops Can-C™ off the internet and have been using them for 2 weeks and my cataracts have started clearing. I don't know how far it will clear up I will keep you posted but I have noticed the white film is beginning to thin and I am seeing more clearly. Thank you." - - Pete S. Eastham MA

"I used Can-C for 4-months with amazing results. My vision in my left eye improved from 20/40 to 20/25 and upon renewal of my driving license, the eye glass restriction was eliminated! With less glare and near perfect vision I now drive in the evenings and early morning without glasses, much as I did in my youth 30-years ago! Since birth, my right eye could only identify the big "E" on the eye chart. After 4-months of Can-C treatment, I can now read the 3rd line on the eye chart. Truly amazing, to be nearly blind in my right eye for 60-years and now to have actually regained some sight!" - - Dr. Richard Lippman, Hawaii

"I'd like to thank you for researching and developing Can-C™. In 2004, during an eye exam, they informed me I had the start of cataracts and would likely need surgery in about 5 yrs. I was 56 and horrified, especially as I am the designated driver for my social unit: me, mom and our diabetic friend who's legally-blind from retinopathy. Anyway, I started the drops 2-drops each eye twice a day. Within 3 weeks, there was a significant and dramatic improvement which continued for awhile longer. Now I use 1-drop in each eye daily; 2-drops if I indulge in lots of carbohydrates. Plus the Can-C drops are especially soothing when my eyes are tired and gritty feeling." - - Lyn Polkadot, USA


How does (Can-C™ N-Acetylcarnosine) work to reverse cataracts?

Researchers recently learned that the healthy eye contains high levels of the natural antioxidant carnosine. Interestingly the eyes of those suffering from degenerative ocular diseases such as cataracts were found to be grossly deficient in this essential ocular antioxidant.

The prime ingredient in Can-C™ is a proprietary form of N-acetylcarnosine, a highly specific intraocular released form of carnosine which acts as both a stabilizer and carrier for the di-peptide L-carnosine, safely delivering it into the aqueous humour of the eye, (the fluid area surrounding the lens). It is here, that the bio-identical antioxidant becomes most active in its ability to act as a natural and highly effective anti-oxidant.


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