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Wise Choice Medicine is committed to
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Eye Conditions


a clouding of the eye


damage to the optic nerve

Macular Degeneration (AMD)

gradual loss of central vision

Dry Eye Syndrome

lack of eye lubrication


Can-C™ Cataract Eye Drops


3 week supply

Initial results in only
3 months time!

$39.00 one-time or
$37.05 every month

Nac-C Plus™ Capsules


1 month supply

Designed to boost effect of Can-C™ eye drops.

$34.95 one-time or
$33.20 every month

ARMeD™ Capsules


2 month supply

Advanced Retinal Support

$43.39 one-time or
$41.32 every month

90 Day Jump Start Vision Program*

4 Packages of Can-C™ Eye Drops +
2 Packages of Nac-C™ Plus Capsules

$205.90 one time or
$195.61 every 3 months

90 Day Pets Aging Vision Program*

3 Packages of Can-C™ Eye Drops +
1 Packages of Nac-C™ Plus Capsules

$139.95 one time or
$132.95 every 3 months

Patented Formulas.
Invented by Doctors.
Backed by Research.

Since introducing Can-C™ eye drops to the US in 2007, Wise Choice Medicine has been at the forefront of innovative vision products, providing natural, surgery free solutions to common eye ailments. We continue in this tradition via constant research and provide only products that are supported by clinical research findings.

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Customer Stories

Pete S.Eastham

/ MA

I am seeing more clearly.
Thank you.

I purchased your eye drops Can-C™ off the internet and have been using them for 2 weeks and my cataracts have started clearing. I don’t know how far it will clear up I will keep you posted but I have noticed the white film is beginning to thin and I am seeing more clearly. Thank you.*

Patricia L.

/ Billings

A significant improvement after 2 months

Since starting on Can-C in July, my eyes have shown a significant improvement after only 2 months. I can now read the menu when my husband and I go out to dinner. I don’t have to use my magnifying glass at all anymore, and they truly seem to be getting better daily. I am 68 years old and was very worried about facing surgery and want to thank you all so very much.*


/ Tokyo

it’s obvious to me that my eyesight has improved.

I want to tell you about my experiences with the Can-C™ eye-drops. Now after about 3-months I believe that there are significant changes to my vision. I didn’t appreciate any changes early on, but now it’s obvious to me that my eyesight has improved. Thank you so very much!*

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