Introducing Can-C Plus™
A Wise Choice for your Eyes

news06Dr. Mark Babizhayev, a leading biophysicist in the area of natural peptides and their unique ability to reverse oxidation has developed and patented this specific oral formulation to effectively sustain the activity of Can-C eye drops for longer periods within the eye tissues.

When taken consistently with Can-C eye drops, Can-C Plus™ increases the length of time that the Can-C™ eye drops remain active in the eye, by preventing and slowing the break down of carnosine once it has been topically delivered. This sustaining action greatly improves free radical protection and further reduces the oxidative environment within the eye allowing for an accelerated healing response.

We know that Can-C eye drops are highly effective on their own and are a stand alone product for the reversal of many ocular conditions. Can-C Plus™ has been made available as a complimentary supplement for those who want to maximize their effort with the use of Can-C eye drops. Secondly those who have more mature cataract with measurably diminished vision will greatly optimize their effort by taking Can-C Plus in addition to their daily applications of Can-C™ eye-drops.

Can-C Plus™ has been formulated, approved and patented by IVP, the inventors of the Can-C eye-drop technology. Designed to be used along with the eye-drops, Can-C Plus™ helps to support the effectiveness and optimizes the action of Can-C eye drops.