A higher (loading) dose of Can-C™ Eye Drops can be beneficial in the first few months of use to better support the health of your eyes. Two drops applied in the morning to each eye (4 drops total) and two drops in the evening to each eye (4 drops total), one box will last 3-4 weeks. The quicker these levels can be elevated in your eyes the sooner you will begin to see visual health improvements. This initial (loading dosing period) lasts anywhere from 3 to 6 months depending upon the overall health of your eyes.

Once you begin to see notable improvements in brightness and clarity you may be confident that you have effectively improved the health of your eyes. The good news is that once the NAC levels have been re-established to optimal levels, it is very easy to keep them there at half the cost. After three to six months of consistent use, only half the recommended Can-C dose is needed to effectively maintain these optimized levels.

While many report visual health improvements in as little as three months, more notable improvement reports are between six and twelve months of consistent use. Once optimal homeostasis has been achieved, the maintenance dose of only one to two drops daily will continue to support and improve the health of your eyes.

The benefits of Can-C™ are long-lasting, however if the drops are discontinued, the same imbalance that allowed the ocular condition to form in the first place will likely return. Fortunately, by simply using a minimal amount of the product consistently, your eye health can easily be supported at less than half the initial cost.

Can-C™ eye drops initial loading dose: two drops applied in the morning to each eye (4 drops total) and two drops in the evening to each eye (4 drops total).

Can-C™ eye drops maintenance dose (general eye health support and prevention): After 3 to 6 months of use you will only need to use 1-2 drops of Can-C™ in each eye daily, with a one week pause from use every two months. The product will last a very long time at this level of usage.

Advanced Program Protocol
Nac-C Plus™ Capsules dose: take 2 capsules daily Nac-C Plus™ Capsules. When used in conjunction with Can-C™ eye drops, Nac-C Plus capsules increase the length of time that Can-C™ eye drops stay active in the eye by inhibiting the breakdown of the L-carnosine that has been topically administered through the drops. This sustained effect significantly enhances free radical protection and decreases the oxidative environment within the eye, allowing for a faster healing response.

Independent clinical results are based on consistent daily use.