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Tips to apply Can-C™ Eye Drops To Your Dog’s Eyes

Last Updated on February 28, 2022

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Can-C canine eye drops can help reverse eye disease such as cataracts, glaucoma, and dry eyes caused by a reduction in tear production.

Regular L-Carnosine eye drops cannot penetrate the eye. However, Wise Choice Medicine’s Can-C eye drops are made with the finest ingredients including the highly researched form of N-Acetyl-Carnosine which penetrates the cornea near the cataract. Can-C are the only N-Acetyl-Carnosine (NAC) drops that have been clinically tested to have a 96% effective rate on dogs making them one of the best treatment options.

Administration of drops can improve our furry friends quality of life and reduce loss of vision. However the application of eye medications to your dog can be a daunting task for pet parents and your dog at first. Below, we provide some basic canine application tips for these all-important drops that should be part of your eye care treatment plan.


Prior to applying drops to your dog’s eyes, it is important to follow these step instructions:

  1. When introducing eye drops to your dog’s wellness routine, a simple desensitization process can be helpful. Allow them to smell the  bottle of drops, and then hold it near their eye and give a treat so they associate this process with treats. If you have an apprehensive dog, you may want to do this step alone for several days without applying any drops. Keep practicing until they are  comfortable with the vial being brought up to their face.
  2. Follow best practices of animal care and be sure to always clean your dog’s eyes of any foreign matter or eye discharge first. Use a clean cloth eye wipe, warm wet washcloth, or moistened cotton ball before applying the eye drops. This will help you avoid foreign material in your dogs eyes that can cause excessive tearing or increased risk of infection.


  1. Remove the cap from the vial prior to securing your pet. For large dogs it is best to approach your pet from behind by straddling their upper body or standing to the side. For small dogs you can sit them on your lap facing away from you.
  2. From either position, place one hand under their chin to stabilize the head, and with the medication container pointing downward in your other hand, apply a slight squeeze to engage liquid at the tip of the nozzle to get the applicator ready.
  3. Now align the vial with your dog’s eye and squeeze to release one droplet. Avoid touching the soft tissue around the eye with the medicine bottle to keep the applicator tip clean.
  4. Your dog will naturally begin to blink. Cup your hand gently over the eye to encourage them to keep their eyes closed and sit still for about 30 seconds
  5. Move to the second eye and repeat the procedure.
  6. Give plenty of praise and even another treat if this is a new experience for your pet. After a few days, most dogs begin to love the way Can-C makes their eyes feel and so you will likely notice them eagerly coming to receive their Can-C eye drops.

These pointers along with the proper treatment plan will help make it an easier & effective process to  heal your best friend’s vision so they can live a comfortable life.

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