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Dr. Babizhayev (Patent Holder) Interviews and More

Dr. Babizhayev ( inventor and patent holder of Can-C eye drops) Introduces top supplier of his patented Can-C eye drops “Wise Choice Medicine” – Dr. Babizhayev Introduces Wise Choice Medicine 2007

Interviews, Reports and Updates from Dr. Mark Babizhayev who is the Founder of Innovative Vision Products and the patent holder for Can-C™ N-acetylcarnosine Eye Drops for Cataracts.

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Dr. Babizhayev interview 2001
Dr. Babizhayev Interview 2003
Dr. Babizhayev Introduces Wise Choice Medicine 2007
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Dr. Mark Babizhayev is a bio-physicist and holds a Ph.D. in Biophysics and Pathophysiology. He has dedicated many years to scientific research, principally at the Helmholtz Research Institute of Eye Disease, in Moscow. During that time, he has accumulated over 86 published articles and also has 15 patents to his name. He is also a principle involved in the development of a breakthrough for the treatment and prevention of senile cataract.

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