Can-C™ Cataract Eye Drops

with 1% N-Acetyl-Carnosine

Applying 4 drops daily to each eye:

  • (3 week supply) 1 box x $39.00 = $39.00  10% Savings!
  • (6 week supply) 2 boxes x $39.00 = $78.00  10% Savings!
  • (2 month supply) 3 boxes x $35.00 = $105.00  19% Savings!
  • (3 month supply  4 boxes x $35.00 = $140.00  19% Savings!
  • (4 month supply) 6 boxes x $31.50 = $189.00  25% Savings!
  • (6 month supply) 8 boxes x $31.50 = $252.00  25% Savings!


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The following cataract reversal improvements were proven in clinical trials and were further reported by our customers:

  • After two months (3 boxes) – Initial vision improvements had begun!
  • After three months (4 boxes) – Notable improvements in glare and distance vision!
  • After four months (6 boxes) – More dramatic vision improvements!
  • After six months (8 boxes) – Vision tests validated vision improvements!

Note: After 6 months optimal N-acetyl-carnosine levels have been re-established in the eyes at which time a reduction to half the recommended amount provides ongoing support for continued vision improvement at half the cost!


How does Can-C™ actually Reverse Cataracts?

  • In Russian Clinical Trials  patients instilled 2 drops of soothing 1% N-acetylcarnosine Can-C eye drops into each eye two times a day, for a period of 6 months. The effective rate was 100%, setting an unprecedented benchmark for the treatment and reversal of cataracts and other eye disorders.
  • Initial results in only 3 months time! Optimal Results within 6 – 12 months!

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We Ship Worldwide. Free Shipping to US and Canada! In Stock Order Now!

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N-Acetyl-carnosine Can-C™ Eye Drops with 1% N-Acetyl-Carnosine

Initial results in only 3 months time! Optimal Results within 6 – 12 months!

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Over the last 10 years this, soothing, anti-oxidant, eye drop, has generated thousands of reports of safe and effective Cataract Reversal in both humans and in animals . “We see the demand for this breakthrough product snowballing as consumers around the globe become aware of a viable non-surgical option to cataract surgery..”  Dr. Mark Babizhayev MA PhD

Dr. Mark Babizhayev expresses important message to consumers – Read it Here

Can-C™ Eye Drops applied for 6-months, (twice daily into the eye), in patients suffering from cataract, generated the following results:

  • 90% had an improvement in visual acuity.
  • 88.9% had an improvement of glare sensitivity.
  • 41.5% had an improvement of the transmissivity of the lens.

To date Can-C™ N-Acetyl-carnosine eye drops are the only cataract eye drops that have been proven in controlled clinical trials to be effective in the treatment of cataracts and safe for long term use. Be sure to look for the approved Can-C hologram on any box you purchase to verify that you are purchasing the patent protected formula. –  Innovative Vision Products..

Can-C™ is manufactured by a licensed manufacturer located in Great Britain in a GMP certified, pharmaceutical facility which meets ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003 standards for the design/formulation and manufacture of sterile contact lens solution and pharmaceutical solutions.

Our Refund Policy: Simply return any unused portion along with your comments. We will promptly provide a refund for any unopened vials no questions asked, (Less shipping and a 15% restocking fee)

Human Clinical Trials

In a Russian clinical trial Carnosine eye-drops were used to treat 96 patients aged 60 and above. All the patients had senile cataract in various degrees of maturity. The duration of the disease in these patients ranged between 2 and 21 years. The patients instilled 1 or 2 drops into each eye 3 or 4 times a day, for a period of 3 to 6 months. The results showed that there was a pronounced effect on senile cataract, the rate was 100% (i. e. all patients experienced an improvement). For the more mature senile cataract the effective rate was still an extremely impressive 80%. Importantly, it was also noted that there were no side effects in any of the cases.

A second clinical study was designed to document and quantify the changes in lens clarity over a 6 to 24 month period. The averageage of the participants was 65 and all suffered from senile cataract of a minimal to an advanced opacification. The patients received either a 1% solution of N-acetylcarnosine eye-drops or a placebo as 2-drops twice a day into each eye. The results at 6 months were impressive; 88.9% of all eyes treated with N-acetylcarnosine had an improvement of glare sensitivity. Furthermore, 90% of the eyes treated with N-acetylcarnosine showed an improvement in visual acuity. In contrast, there was little change in the eye quality of the placebo group at 6 months and the placebo group also experienced a gradual deterioration at 12 to 24 months.

Another study evaluated patients who had various degrees of eyesight impairment but who did not have the symptoms of cataract. After a course of treatment ranging from 2 to 6 months the conclusion was that the eye-drops alleviated eye tiredness and continued to improve eyesight (i. e. there was more clear vision). This is an indicator that the eye-drops have a value both for preventative purposes as well as medical applications. Clinical Publications


This unique “IVP” N-acetylcarnosine (Can-C™) formula with synergistic lubricants shows beneficial results for the following eye-disorders

  • Glaucoma
  • Contact lens disorders.
  • Presbyopia
  • Corneal disorders.
  • Chronic eyestrain.
  • Computer vision syndrome.
  • Ocular inflammation.
  • Blurred vision.
  • Dry eye syndrome.
  • Retinal disease
  • Vitreous opacities and lesions.

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Not only do the lubricants in Can-C N-acetyl-carnosine eye-drops help to make wearing contact lenses more comfortable, but Can-C is also shown to soothe and reduce the build up of lactic acid in the eye, thus enabling the lens to be left safely in the eye for longer. Manufactured to cGMP pharmaceutical standards, Can-C™ has a wealth of anti-oxidant properties which can improve the overall function of the aging eye.