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Macular Degeneration Breakthrough!

I have been using your ARMeD™ bonded melatonin product for the past 4 years with wonderful results for my Macular Degeneration condition (wet in my right eye and dry in my left eye).  My doctor says the improvements in both eyes are remarkable and advises to keep doing what I am doing. I have resumed driving with a lot more confidence and feel such relief that I have been able to stop the advancement of this condition.  I am so very thankful to the researchers for finding an answer for this horrible condition, and to Wise Choice Medicine for making this product available.  I am a believer and will never stop taking my little ARMeD tablet every night. An added benefit is that I get great sleep with amazing dreams that I did not have before taking it.
D.N. Scappoose, OR


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Clinical Trial Results – for 100 trial participants after 3 to 6 months of use:

  • 93% of patients had arrested or improved their ARMD condition,
  • 54% of patients report lessening of glare, reduced dryness, and improved clarity and comfort,
  • 78% of patients reported sleep improvement and general improved feeling of well being,
  • 0% felt worse during treatment and no side effects were noted.

At the end of the study the vast majority had dramatically reduced pathologic macular changes. Additionally the patients reported better vision with improvements to glare, dryness, clarity and comfort!


“In only 3 to 6 months time 93% of trial participants safely reversed their Macular Degeneration condition!”

We Ship Worldwide. Free Shipping to US and Canada! In Stock Order Now!

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 New Breakthrough for Age-Related Macular Degeneration

ARMeD™ Advanced Retinal Support formula is based on published research conducted by Changxian Yi et al, – titled “Effects of melatonin in age-related macular degeneration”, Ann NY Acad Sci, 1057:384-392,2005 with assistance from the world renowned endrocrin specialist Dr. Walter Pierpaoli.  The ARMeD™ formula contains a unique melatonin from organic, pharmaceutical grade, plant based, ingredients bonded with selenium and zinc. To ensure optimal healing and repair responses,  critical excipients work with the bonded melatonin to regulate fundamental immunological hormone functions to a much greater degree. Please note that ARMeD™ is quite distinct from the sublingual and time-released versions of melatonin supplements in the market place which have a pre-set time of melatonin release. ARMeD™ with bonded melatonin actually mimics nature by improving upon the body’s natural and optimal night peak release of melatonin and the results of this superior action speak for themselves. Take one tablet, each night, before bed time.

The bonded melatonin formula, when taken nightly, was found to;

  • re-establish optimal circadian rhythms resulting in healing and repair response in the eyes,
  • control eye pigmentation thereby regulating the amount of UV light delivered to the photo-receptors of the eyes,
  • protect the retinal epithelium (RPE) from oxidative damage,
  • and act as a powerful balancing agent for the endocrine system.

Ingredients: Pharmaceutical grade Melatonin (3 mg), bonded with Zinc (8.7mg), and Selenium (50 mcg). Excipients: Avicel, Mannitol, Povidonum and Magnesium Stearate.

Directions: Take one tablet before bedtime.

Within 6 months 90% of the trial participants had improved their AMD condition.

The improvements continued until the trial ended at 24 months.

Clinical Publication

Figure 1 – – Before and after fundus pics were taken of all trial participants. Complete Study Overviewimage_a Figure 1: The left slide shows the eye of a 67 year old male before treatment, his vision has been deteriorating for 2 years. The right picture shows the same eye 2 months later after ingestion of the bonded melatonin tablet every night at bed time. He now has stable visual acuity of 0.3 with remarkable improvements in sub-retinal macular hemorrhage. In this study of 100 patients, 90% of them had regressed or reversed their ARMD within 6 months. Source: Changxian Yi et al, effects of melatonin in age-related macular degeneration, Ann NY Acad Sci, 1057:384-392,2005

The before and after fundus pictures were remarkable! – clinical results

Additionally, the trial participants reported; lessoning of glare, reduced dryness, and improved clarity and comfort. Dr. Changxian Yi stated; “Our purpose was to explore a new and safe approach to prevent or even treat ARMD and we found so much more..”


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New Hope for Macular Degeneration

The study was monitored by world renowned endocrine specialist and melatonin expert Walter Pierpaoli MD, PhD. who was also responsible for the refinement of the bonded melatonin formulation used in the trial. DR. Walter Pierpaoli is director of the Jean Choay Institute for Biomedicals Research, Switzerland and President of the Interbion Foundation in Switzerland, specializing in immunology, endocrinology, neuropeptides and aging. Author of over 130 publications on referenced scientific journals organizer of the Stromboli Conferences on Aging and Cancer. Author of New York Times bestseller; “Melatonin Miracle” which has been translated into 15 languages. Author of “The key of life” regarding the impact of proper use of melatonin. His research findings were paramount to the development of the current Neuroendocrine Theory of Aging. Based on Dr. Pierpaoli’s research, ARMeD™ contains a pharmaceutical grade melatonin which is bonded with selenium and zinc along with critical excipients that work synergistically to optimize fundamental immunological hormone functions to a much greater degree.

A plant derived product: ARMeD™ is produced by synthesis from pharmaceutical grade organic plant based ingredients, starting from serotonin that is actually extracted from organic coffee beans, and is molecularly identical to the melatonin produced in the human body. Containing the highest pharmaceutical grade of melatonin available; each tablet has been scientifically tested for biological activity and chemical purity.

Why the Zinc? Research has shown that zinc can correct age related immunodepression and several other hormonal and metabolic changes. It has been found that the low zinc levels in aging animals can be restored to normal values with either nocturnal administration of melatonin or transplantation of the pineal gland from young into older animals. Zinc is an essential component of more than 200 enzymes and one of the most relevant trace elements in the body. It is thus clear that additional zinc must be supplemented daily, in order that melatonin can better exert its anti-aging activities on the entire hormonal and immune systems! This important and novel scientific observation of the powerful anti-aging and immuno-enhancing activity of the combination of zinc and melatonin has contributed to the development of the ARMeD™ formula.

Why the selenium? Selenium is essential for the enzymatic reaction responsible for the synthesis of glutathione, a powerful physiological molecule which constantly protects the body from oxidative damage. A lack of selenium will thus result in a loss of the detoxification capacity of the body, immuno-depression and onset of degenerative diseases such as cancer. ARMeD™ combines, in a unique synergistic formula, three fundamental anti-aging molecules, where melatonin ultimately plays the master role for reactivation and restoration of our circadian rhythm to juvenile levels, resulting in normalization of all measurable immunological and endocrine functions. The age-postponing, metabolic and immunological effects of ARMeD™ can be easily measured by means of a normal periodic check-up.

NOTE: Many of our customers who purchased ARMeD™ also purchased Can-C™ eye drops with N-acetyl-carnosine and Can-C Plus™ capsules with N-acetyl-cystein, to further support the over all health environment of their eyes. All three products when taken together provide powerful antioxidant protection for the eyes…