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When is the best time to take your supplements? Daily!

Last Updated on March 24, 2022

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The importance of consistency

When it comes to restoring our health with the use of supplements, one of the most often overlooked factors is the importance of consistency. Clinical study results are generally based on a consistent daily dosing schedule, yet when it comes to the real world, supplement users may find it difficult to adhere to that ideal schedule. It is helpful to remember that the condition you are attempting to heal is likely due to some type of deficiency and so the body is utilizing this nutrient at a high rate especially in the beginning. Therefore, to obtain the desired healing response, proper daily dosing can mean the difference between a slight improvement to a far more satisfactory outcome. So how do we minimize missed days and doses?

Build the habit

Nutritional supplements have many potential benefits and can improve your health and overall quality of life, but only if you take them correctly. Make taking your supplements at the same time every day a habitand once you’ve established a habit, staying on track will be much easier. Your efforts don’t need to be perfect, you simply need to be consistent and work towards your goal every day.

Make it routine

In many circumstances, the time that supplements are taken is less important than making sure to take them on a daily basis. They don’t necessarily need to be taken at the same time every day, but doing so may help you remember to take your supplements and encourage habit formation.

You should always follow the dosing instructions provided with your supplements but in general, if they don’t specify a time of day, you may benefit from taking them in the morning with breakfast. Taking your supplements alongside something you already do daily, like eating breakfast or dinner, can also help you build healthy habits quicker since you’re incorporating it into an existing routine.

Keep them visible

Positioning your supplements in a highly visible place that you see every day can be a very helpful technique in the habit formation process. Keeping the thought in the front of your mind with visual cues like seeing the bottle on the counter protects us against forgetfulness and other lapses in concentration.

It’s often beneficial to position them in the same location where you plan to use them, so that when you see them you can take them immediately. If you take your supplements in the kitchen but store them in the bathroom cabinet, it’s going to be a lot easier to forget to take them, because when you do spot them, it won’t be at the ideal time or location. For example, if you are using eye drops and you prefer to take them in front of a mirror, then the bathroom counter might be the best place to store them.

Leave yourself a note

Similar to the idea of leaving your supplements somewhere visible, leaving yourself reminder notes in places you look every day is proven to be an effective technique for memory and habit building. Try writing “take your supplements” on a post-it note and sticking it on your bathroom mirror, the side of your computer screen, on your kitchen cabinet, or all of the above. Find the spots that work best for you and motivate the formation of this habit.

If you’re looking for more of a digital solution than physical post-it notes, you could achieve a similar effect using your smartphone. Either set a recurring calendar event that will notify you at the same times each day to take your supplements, or set an alarm to go off around the time that you usually take your supplements. Calendar notifications give the ability to set multiple recurring notification alarms from a single event, but if you prefer setting alarms that is a viable option as well.

Set it on auto

Subscribing or signing up for auto-ship for your essential dietary supplements is another method to make sure you stay consistent. That regular delivery is a reminder to stay on top of your supplementation and medication regimens and ensures you don’t run out. Plus you’ll save time by not having to re-order every month plus and you’ll save money as most auto-ship programs offer a discounted price.

Consistency is Key

In independent clinical studies with N-acetylcarnosine eye drops, 90% of cataract patients experienced improvement in lens transmissivity after 6 months. It is important to note that these results were based on consistent daily use and to experience similar results, you will want to administer daily doses of Can-C drops as recommended.

With many things in life, consistent effort is necessary in order to achieve the best results, and supplementation is no different. Utilizing these techniques and integrating this habit into your existing self-care routine will ensure you get the most value out of these healing supplements.

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