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Innovative Vision Products

IVP.logo1Innovative Vision Products (IVP) is a Pharmaceutical and Nanotechnology Development Company with a portfolio of patent protected innovative chemical entities, drug delivery systems, and unique medical devices to target specific biomedical applications.

Over the last decade IVP has developed a track record in developing technologies to effectively address the unmet needs of specific diseased populations. The pharmaceutical development of natural di-peptide derivatives to effectively address degenerative ocular disease is the scientific breakthrough for which IVP is best known.


Founded in the year 1998 by Mark Babizhayev MA, PhD, Innovative Vision Products is headquartered in New Castle, Delaware. IVP has continued to maintain its standards for the highest level of scientific efficacy and has succeeded in developing an impressive portfolio of patent protected, cutting edge intellectual properties for commercial applications with in the following industrial sectors.



Dr. Babizhayev Biography


IVP Nanotechnology Applications:

• biotechnologyhightech healthcare
• pharmaceuticals
• environmental science
• chemical
• energy
• electronics
• consumer products
• cosmetics
• medical devices

Through effective partnering and licensing relations, IVP is able to meet the needs of the large pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies that are seeking to bolster their commercial pipelines with innovative intellectual products. These patent protected technologies range in availability from early stage development all the way up to final stage product acquisitions.
Understanding the importance of providing the necessary interdisciplinary back ground and support for each of its available technologies IVP is able to advantage licensees and partners to utilize each selected technology to the highest advantage.

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 “There is nothing, that we know of, more effective then topically delivered N-acetylcarnosine Can-C™ to reverse oxidation in the ocular environment” Dr. Mark Babizhayev MA PhD of Innovative Vision Products.


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